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Thing just happend way too sudden. I almost got sacked this afternoon, just an hour or two before off. Boss K called me and colleague K into the conference room, telling us we were fired, not because of our performance, but because of the poor sales figures of the company. Boss K really compensated us in full, but for whatever reason I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to repeat the laid back job hunting life last year. Somehow I gain courage and tried to persuade boss K that I really want to stay in the office and keep my job, no matter cutting salary or working hours. I REALLY WANT TO STAY AND HELP OUT. It seems that boss K didn’t expect that and she asked boss M to talk to us, and later colleague J. Boss M also didn’t expect I would say something like that. He told us he had been putting in way too much money to compensate the loss, and he said he is ready to have the company closed down if colleague J is not going to stay behind. After an hour talk, boss M agreed to let the company runs for three more months and see what will happen…

Oh God…please help me so that the company will still be there after three months. I really want to work in this company and I NEED THIS JOB to support the family. Please show your mercy, my Lord…

(Suddenly realise that I have no one to talk to when it comes to work…)




早前當我還在沉淪時,路過這店,跟店員閒聊起來時看見她那帶橙調的紅的指尖十分喜歡,本來是想要這種色調的,店員姐姐誠實的告訴我這不是店的產品﹔而她介紹我的紅色甲油卻太紅了,並不是我想要的。後來自己左看看右摸摸時,看見這種shocking pink色調的指甲油,簡直是一見鍾情!